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12 min readMay 31, 2021


Mr. Woodburn described our office arrangement. She was delighted. “You are such a sexy woman, Tina. I can’t wait for tonight.” She rose from the chair, bent over me and kissed me on the lips of my upturned, expectant face. She then winked at Mr. Woodburn as she moved to the door. With her hand on the knob, “I will leave you to continue with what I am sure is quite erotic.” She was smiling as she walked out. I was imagining what our dinner date tonight would be like and I had a strong sense it would end up at my condo.

Mr. Woodburn got my attention back from my musing.

“Believe it or not, my dear slut, that was not the reason for asking you to come up to my office. I just thought it would be fun.” I refocused on him and was fully aware that my entire body was tingling, my nipples fully erect, and my pussy very well lubricated. I needed a good fucking and I hoped that would be coming after whatever he really wanted to talk to me about.

He told me we had an important client coming in for a meeting tomorrow. The meeting was scheduled for our smaller conference tomorrow after and then dinner with them that night. I nodded my understanding, but he continued to watch me.

“It will be Harold Tenor. Harold is President of …”

“Tenor Industries. A large manufacturer of various home products. The firm is just completing a major upgrade and expansion of one of their facilities.” Mr. Woodburn nodded. I chuckled at his surprised look. “Sorry, I was just reviewing with an associate the status of the account since it had reached completion phase.”

* * * * *

I stepped through the door into the conference room across from Mr. Woodburn’s office. I was preoccupied with another issue my team brought up as I was heading for the elevator. I was surprised to find two men with Mr. Woodburn rather than just the one.

As I approached the conference table, Mr. Woodburn motioned to the man who even looked to be the senior. “Miss James, meet Harold Tenor, President of …”

I jump in as I did the day before, “Tenor Industries. You’re a large manufacturer of various home products. Your firm is just completing a major upgrade and expansion of one of your facilities.”

Mr. Woodburn introduced the other man as Henry Wilson, the CFO of the company. Interesting, both the President and CFO in our conference room. This must be big. After the introductions there were normal moments of small talk as we appraised each other, something is almost a ritual in these business situations as though we were sizing up a physical adversary. In my normal attire for Mr. Woodburn, I had the sense that more of their appraisal might be more my physical impression than any business sense. And, there was nothing wrong with that. It might give us some edge along the way. Harold Tenor was a stout man, well-dressed in a finely tailored three-piece suit. He was maybe early 60’s, balding on top, his hair was becoming quite gray on the sides. He wasn’t much taller than me but weighed considerably more. Henry Wilson was about a decade younger with a full head of hair, which was streaked with gray. His dress wasn’t quite as finely tailored and looked like he had been in it for a while. He was taller and soft.

Mr. Woodburn took over. “I’ve asked Miss James to join us because she is now the primary control of accounts like yours, Harold. As my Executive Accounts Director, I am able to keep these special accounts close to my control.” It was clear these men had at least a good, trusting working relationship. “She can provide the best accounts management support possible and also a personal touch unrivaled to those clients we deem worthy of special … handling.” He smiled at the man and winked at me. The careful opportunities for my services with clients had been slow in developing, but that seemed to be ending. The man’s eyes hadn’t found my face for several minutes as I had removed my jacket before entering the room and unbuttoned an extra button, all at Mr. Woodburn’s direction. His gaze was now fixated on my nipples showing through the thin fabric of my blouse as they uncontrollably were becoming quite erect under his gaze. Mr. Woodburn turned to me, “As you correctly mentioned, Tina, the account we currently have with Tenor Industries has reached the physical completion stage. It is just financial return for us after this. What Harold is here for today is a discussion about the next project, which sounds very similar to this one.”

Tenor hesitated, obviously somewhat distracted, then picked up his narrative, “Yes … yes, our prototype production through the upgrade and expansion shows just the kind of efficiency, quality, and productivity improvements we were hoping for.” He looked at me, then my breasts and down into my lap where he found my crossed legs sliding my short skirt up my thighs. “I came to Charles to open discussion for the second phase, which was to perform an upgrade at our oldest facility. We wouldn’t do an expansion there, there appears to sufficient room if the upgrade of new equipment and processes layout is corrected. As we began negotiating some of the finer details of the account, management, terms, financing, and your firm’s return, he suggested we bring you into the discussion and arrangement. I can see why.” He looked at Mr. Woodburn, a guilty smile trying to form on his mouth but was partially constrained by the businessman not wanting to give away too much.

Before the man could muster too much strength in his business attitude, Mr. Woodburn pressed on, “Harold has agreed to consider a slightly more generous financial arrangement for this next project.” I smiled at them, knowing full well where this was going, but wondering just how much would be coming from me. So far, I had been meeting with a single man or maybe a couple and most often right here in Mr. Woodburn’s office. Taking an extra fraction of interest for a quick blowjob or fuck. This felt like more. This was a large project and “a slightly more generous financial arrangement” could be a very nice bonus for us.

“Harold has a celebration for the completion of the construction phase at the facility and would like our presence.” I nodded, holding his eyes. “After the celebration with the employees, he is taking his senior management group and sales force to an off-sight location for an intense day and a half of motivational work to increase sales to take advantage of the improvements and discuss the next phase of upgrades. After that, as part of the ‘motivation’, he had planned a two-day, one-night chartered cruise from Key West where the meeting would be held back to Miami where everyone would depart for return to their regions.” He smiled at me. There it was.

I ask the obvious question, “You would like to offer my assistance at the sales meeting and cruise?”

“The cruise portion, only, is where I thought you could be most effective.”

I put an eager smile on my face and considered them all. A two-day cruise on a chartered ship and a group of men. This is an interesting expansion of what I have been doing so far …

“Just the cruise”, Mr. Tenor confirmed with a smile. “I want them to be focused on the discussions of the sales meeting.” Mr. Woodburn nods to me. The client continued, “I would like you on-board when everyone else arrives.” Without question, Mr. Woodburn has made it clear how I could be most “effective”.

Mr. Woodburn interrupts, “Miss James, we can discuss the motivation for us to participate.” He turned to the client, “As I said, I wanted Miss James to hear the proposal from you. She and I will discuss our participation and level of such. We need to also look at clearing schedules.” The client nodded his understanding, of course.

Since there was nothing further to be discussed until Mr. Woodburn and I had our opportunity to talk and to verify our existing schedules and what option might be available for rescheduling, that portion of the meeting was concluded. Though Mr. Tenor was uncertain about the next move, Mr. Woodburn wasn’t. He looked at me after a side glance at the other men.

“This is awkward … I promised these gentlemen a nice dinner at my favorite steak restaurant, but it turns out I somehow double-booked tonight with several of my Board of Directors.” I knew that was true because Mrs. Woodburn told me they were going to their favorite seafood restaurant.

I jumped in as was intended, “Not a problem, Sir. I will take good care of them tonight.” I looked over at them, “Do you mind spending much of the evening in my hands, gentlemen?” It was clear by their reaction they understood my double meaning.

* * * * *

I arranged for a limo and driver for the evening. He picked me up at my condo and then to the hotel for the men from Tenor Industries before going to Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I had Henry sit in the front while Harold and I sat in the back. The drive was to the outskirts of the city and we discussed many things along the way.

Dinner was excellent, as it always is at Ruth’s, especially when the reservation is made by Mr. Woodburn. Through dinner, Harold probed into the relationship I had with Mr. Woodburn, which I deflected with ease. I explained that I had the trust and confidence of Mr. Woodburn and he allowed me to handle my clients the way I felt they should be handled. I explained that he didn’t ask questions or put limits on me.

Harold suggested going to find a couple drinks somewhere. I noticed that Henry was quite compliant when it came to what Harold wanted, never offering any dissent or argument. It was clear to me that Harold was in charge of the evening so my attention went solely to him while I knew Henry would follow.

We were standing at the restaurant entrance waiting for our limo to arrive from the location the driver was instructed to park. I touched Harold Tenor’s arm and pressed my breasts into his arm, “I have a better idea, Sir. How about we go back to your hotel and order up some room service for wine or drinks? Do we really want a noisy bar environment?”

Back at the hotel, I stopped in the lobby and asked the two men what they preferred to drink. Tenor came back with bourbon and Wilson with scotch. I decided on a Merlot. I stepped up to the registration desk and asked if we could have the order from room service expedited to Tenor’s room.

I then rejoined the men, taking them both by an arm and guided them toward the elevators. While we waited, I turned to them, “Care to make this a little exciting?”

They looked at me, then each other quite confused. I merely turned my back to Tenor and pulled my hair from the back of my dress and exposed the zipper.


I looked over my shoulder, “Only if you want, Sir.”

He hesitated and looked around the area in front of the elevators. It was past 10:00 PM and already quiet. What people were moving around were in the lounge near the front of the hotel. Finally, as the elevator dinged its arrival, I felt his stubby fingers on the clasp, then felt the zipper moving down my back. Wilson held the elevator door for us until the zipper was all the way down and Tenor guided me into the chamber. As the door closed, I looked around the enclosure to find highly polished mirrors on the three other walls and equally polished door surfaces. I glanced up at the corners for cameras I was sure were there but couldn’t find.

Tenor pushed the 14th-floor button and the door closed. As it did, the men stood to the sides and watched me expectantly. I shrugged my shoulders forward gapping the material for the dress to slide off my shoulders and drop to my waist. I was naked from the waist up without a bra and the gasp from the men was audible. Without looking at them, I shimmied the dress over my hips and down my thighs until the dress fell in a puddle around my feet.

Wilson surprised me, “Allow me …” He stepped to me and bent over to retrieve the dress and put it over his arm, smiling as his upturned face was level with my bare pussy. I separated my feet at that moment, which caused him to hesitate in standing back up. I moved to Tenor and took him in my arms to kiss him. He returned the kiss and his hands immediately roamed over my bare back and ass, then aggressively move to my breasts. I smiled at him and turned to Wilson who had gallantly retrieved my dress for me. I repeated the kiss for him and found him less aggressive, though his free hand slid down to my hip.

The elevator dinged again to announce the arrival at a floor. I glanced quickly at the indicator to find it was indeed stopping on the 14th floor. I released a nervous breath I was holding. I have found exhibitionism to be thrilling because of the potentiality of being discovered, but actually being discovered might cause embarrassment for the other party, which was the catch-22 of it all.

The two men stood to the side for me to exit first, then Tenor indicated to the right hallway. The men stayed about 10 feet behind me and I enjoyed that, too. I stood calmly in the hallway as Tenor used his keycard to open the door. The men took off their jackets and ties, my dress was draped over one of the chairs as I began kissing the men, again.

Room Service must have been in a separate elevator at the same time because there was a knock on the door and a male voice announced, “Room Service”. The three of us looked at each other, but nobody moved for a moment. I was dripping wet from a combination of knowing what I was intending to do for these men in the name of business only and the exhibitionism so far. I decided to ramp it up a bit more for all of us. I stepped to the door, peeked through the spy-hole, and opened the door for the man with his cart, which he pushed into the room with the six drinks with cellophane wrap over the tops.

He stutter-stepped at the threshold upon seeing me naked and the two dressed men behind me. He tried diverting his eyes but it appeared he was trying to figure out what someone like me was doing with two men like them and following that thought to considering if I was a prostitute or not. He would have no way to determine that but I was confident that might be his assumption and I felt something of a cloud pass over me at the thought of someone thinking I was a prostitute. A cloud I managed to shake off quickly to focus on what I needed to do, ultimately recognizing that in a way I really was in a way prostituting myself but for business instead of money.

We toasted a nice evening so far with the first drinks, but that didn’t last long. The teasing so far had its effect on the men and I recognized all the signs. I put my wine down on the dresser and moved to Tenor and dropped to my knees in front of him. I worked the belt open, then the button on his slacks, then the zipper. I reached inside, stroking my palm up his boxers, feeling his cock underneath already swelling at my touch. My fingers worked the top of his shorts and, pulling the waist down, revealed and grasped his hardening cock. It was a normal cock, nothing like Mr. Woodburn’s. I stroked it several times, feeling it come further into life in my hand. I was focused on his cock. I didn’t look up at him as my head dipped into his lap and my tongue licked up the length of it. I kissed the head, then took it between my lips and sucked the pre-cum forming there. I gave him some satisfied sounds and he responded with groans. I lowered my mouth to his cock and took all of it into my mouth, burying my lips in his pubic hair. He moaned as I played with my throat over the head of his cock, it not quite reaching into my throat like Mr. Woodburn’s.

I sucked his cock hard for several minutes. When I had his cock as hard as it was going to be and I felt it pulse, I slowly pulled back, kissing the head and moved to the side to Wilson.

As I repeated the effort on Wilson, Tenor stood and removed his slacks and, after a moment of consideration, the rest of his clothes. He stood next to me and I stroked his hard cock, occasionally moving my mouth to it before back to Wilson’s. When I had both of the cock hard and ready, I pulled back and looked up at the men.